Menu item availability & price disclaimer

Vallarta’s restaurant makes every effort to insure that the prices and items listed on our menus are up to date and correct. However, the prices and items listed on our web site menus are NOT guaranteed, and are subject to change without notice. Furthermore, every family-owned Vallarta’s Restaurant have the prerogative to determine their own prices and are not enforced nor mandated to honor those prices among the Vallarta’s Restaurants. When our menu prices change, those changes may not be immediately reflected on this web site.

We will make the updates as quickly as possible, but sometimes these posts may be delayed. In that case, Vallarta’s Restaurant reserves the right to change menu
selections, and/or the prices that accompany those items, as they appear on the menus at the restaurant. It is important that our customers who visit our web site know and understand this policy/practice, since Vallarta’s Restaurant will not adjust menu items or prices at the time orders are made, even if they conflict with our web site menus and/or prices.

We do guarantee that all items and prices that appear on our menus at the restaurant are accurate, though it may occur that some items on the menu may be unavailable on  occasion. If any inconvenience on our customer’s part has occurred as a result of the delay of these web site postings, we apologize, and we will attempt to update our menu and prices more diligently in the future.

My Vallarta’s Restaurant at Carrollwood thanks you for your support and understanding.